It is a collection of email addresses, that the EmailLabs™ server will not be directing its messages to. Such emails will get a dropped status in the system. E-mails can be added to the black list in the following way:

  • An automatically sent e-mail through the EmailLabs system will get rejected (status hardbounce). Eg. The domain or mailbox does not exist.
  • Through API E.g. The account is deleted from your system
  • Through the EmailLabs™ panel in the Reports tab -> Blacklist. Here you can place the addresses “manually”.
  • By using the function Unsubscribe.

Dropped status

When a message obtains a dropped status, it will not be sent by the EmailLabs™ server. It is very important as the major e-mail providers use old inactive emails as a so called SPAM-Traps. By sending our email to such a “trap” we run the risk of being blocked by the provider. In addition, sending emails repeatedly to non-existent emails can have a negative impact on the reputation of the IP, which of course reduces deliverability.