To get started with EmailLabs you should get registered at the address given below:

To register, simply enter the name of the panel, e-mail and mobile phone number.

Account activation

After a successful registration, an activation link will be sent to you which you should click in order to get full access to all EmailLabs options. Until the verification of your data by an employee, your account will be limited to 400 e-mails a day.

After signing up, you will see a form asking for a package selection and adding personal data and corporate data.Our employee will be able to remove the daily limit of emails sent, after verifying the data provided on the form.
At any time you can request to change the package by contacting our customer service.

SMTP connection setup

To properly configure the dispatch messages via SMTP server, use the following data. If you have a problem with the configuration of your application please contact our technical support at or by chat on the service website.

Settings for an encrypted connection:

Settings for a non-encrypted connection::

For a configuration, do not use the characters “{” and “}”.

Password change

After signing up, you will receive a SMS with a password to the panel and the integration of SMTP (This is one and the same, randomly generated password). To log in to the analytical panel, you should use the password sent to you via SMS as well as the login selected during registration (login is also in an e-mail with an activation link). After the first login, we recommend changing the password to the analitical panel and to integrate SMTP

How can I change password to user panel?

How can I change SMTP password?

SPF settings

To effectively and safely send emails by EmailLabs servers, you should configure your SPF in the DNS settings.

What is SPF >>

SPF settings >>

DKIM settings

All e-mail sent by EmailLabs are normally signed with our DKIM key. If you have a dedicated IP, you can also set an individual DKIM. An individual DKIM will cause the postscript in Gmail “sent by” disappear.

What is DKIM >>

DKIM settings >>

API integration

EmailLabs also gives you the ability to send e-mails and retrieve data by API.

Check API Docs >>