Injected – Message was injected by you to EmailLabs system.

Ok – Message was accepted by receiver’s server – message was delivered.

Softbounce – Information indicating that message delivery is temporarily suspended due to: receiver’s inbox being full, receiver’s server being turned off, or message being too big.

Hardbounce – Information indicating that a message was not delivered due to: send out to address or domain that does not exist, or receiver having e-mail message delivery blocked. All addresses that caused a hardbounce are automatically deleted from receivers database by EmailLabs.

Spambounce – Information indicating that a message was qualified as SPAM.

Dropped – Message was not send by EmailLabs system, because of earlier placement of receiver’s address on a blacklist.

Deferred – Wysyłka została chwilowo wstrzymana po stronie serwisu EmailLabs.

Open – Receiver opened a message.

Track – Receiver clicked in a link placed in a message.