What is feedback loop?

Feedback loop is a e-mail mailbox providers’ service which allows for monitoring of abuse reports regarding sent messages. EmailLabs provides support for 3 of the biggest e-mail services: Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL.

How to monitor reports?

Basic information regarding abuse reports can be found on the graph seen just after logging in to EmailLabs panel. More detailed information are located in Reports > Feedback loop report bookmark. Application allows for elaboration of reports by division to the following statuses:
Abuse – as the name indicated this status refers to abuse, for example the user deemed the message to be SPAM
Fraud – message was acknowledged as scam attempt
Miscategorized – no category
Not-spam – message marked as “not SPAM”
Opt-out – user does not allow for further marketing (mainly USA)
Opt-out-list – user is listed as one of the people who do not give their consent for marketing communication (mainly USA)
Virus – infected message
Other – other

By using Reports > Activity report application it is possible to check which message was reported, what status was returned and abuse report’s date.

In case of Yahoo mail a separate configuration is required for accounts with personalised DKIM key. Yahoo feedback loop settings