Panel allows to investigate logs of all activities and events conducted by users.


This form allows to find an event/activity according to the parameters below:

Parameter Description
From/to Enter a period during which the searched event occurred.
Select one of the following Enables a user to find a specific event, which interests him/her. It is a very useful option, for example in an event of someone adding an address to blacklist manually. We can check when and where a user completed a given activity. It gives us an unlimited control over what is happening on our account.
Enter part of the description Enter a phrase, that will help you find an event.


List containing all events which occurred on your account.

Parameter Description
Creation date Time of event’s occurrence.
Login Information indicating in which panel an event took place.
Event Information indicating what event took place.
Description Detailed description of an event.
User Information indicating a user who executed an event.
IP Information indicating an IP address from which an event was executed.
Customer service Information indicating that an event was executed by EmailLabs customer service.