This report allows you to check which users were added to a list of blocked addresses.

For sake of your sender reputation, EmailLabs automatically adds addresses that returned a hardbounce, to a blacklist. Addresses can be also added to blacklist via API or User Panel.

Adding an e-mail address to blacklist via User Panel

In order to add an address to blacklist via Panel you have to click “Add” button (located on screen’s right side). This will result in opening of a new window where you need to enter an e-mail address and reason for its addition to blacklist.

Adding an e-mail address to blacklist via API

Find out how to add an e-mail address to blacklist via API here >>

Blacklist settings

In order to change blacklist settings go to “Administrator” –> “General settings” –> “Blacklist settings”.

Find out how to add an e-mail address to blacklist via API here >>

Blacklist can be set in two ways:

Blacklist separate for each account – in this case every account has its own list of addresses, which are blocked from send out (this is a default setting).

Blacklist for all accounts – in this case all blacklist entries are treated globally without separation to SMTP accounts.

Enables to examine logs according to the criteria below:

Parameter Description
From/to Enter a time period. All e-mail addresses added to the blacklist during this period will be displayed.
E-mail address Enter an e-mail address and check whether it is listed on a blacklist.


This is a list of blacklisted addresses. Here are meanings of each column:

Parameter Description
Reason A reason why an address was added to the blacklist.
Creation date Information indicating when a recipient was added.
Email An e-mail address that was added to the blacklist.
Comment Detailed information indicating the reason for being added to the blacklist.
Actions Allows to edit or remove an entry.

Blacklist export

Dedicated IP owners have a possibility to export a blacklist to a CSV file. We recommend regular blacklist exports and you own database clean-ups. If you want to keep high sender reputation regular removal of inactive e-mail addresses from a database is essentials.

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Blacklist can also be retrieved via API. This option is available to all EmaillLabs users. Learn how retrieve a Blacklist via API here >>