What is unsubscribe?

“Unsubscribe” application enables users to create a simple newsletter unsubscribe page.

How to set up unsubscribe?

In order to set up “unsubscribe” a “turned on” box must be ticked. Next a “Information about sign out” field must be filled in with suitable information about the carried out newsletter unsubscribe process. Next a “button title” filed must be filled in. This text will be displayed on the unsubscribe button. “Thank you text” is an information received by a user after he/she unsubscribes from the newsletter.

There is also a possibility to redirect unsubscribe action to an own URL. In order to enable it in “Unsubscribe Type” section a “Redirect to customer website and add email address to blacklist” option must be ticked and a “Redirection url” field must be filled in. After everything is set, according to the instructions above, the unsubscribe process will look as follows:
After clicking the unsubscribe button user will be redirected to EmailLabs website, where his/her e-mail address is added to a blacklist. Next a user is being redirected to an indicated address together with _GET “ul” parameter which hides the following character string encoded in Base64: message_id|e-mail|smtp_account_name

After a “ul” part is decoded

Moreover the following must be added to an e-mail message: