If you are communicating with individuals outside the EU, remember that the responsibility for securing their personal data lies with you as the sender, in accordance with local regulations. If you are communicating with EU citizens, remember the obligation to sign a GDPR agreement.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is essential for processing personal data. In the EmailLabs panel, you can sign a GDPR agreement that defines the terms of processing personal data and both parties’ responsibilities regarding data protection.

You can also go directly to the Administrator tab > GDPR.

  • If you are a direct database administrator, choose the “Sign data processing agreement” option.

  • If you operate in the name of third parties, select “Sign data sub-processing agreement”.

  1. Fill in the form based on the selected type of agreement.

  2. After that, you must sign the agreement with the code received in the text message. It will be sent to the phone number assigned to the account. Remember that this type of signing is available to Polish numbers only.

If you don’t own a Polish phone number and want to sign the paper version of the agreement, contact us at

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