Sender Authorization

Sender authorization is a functionality that allows you to make your messages secure and authorize your emails by authenticating the sender’s domain or email address.

You can configure it in your EmailLabs panel by going to the Administrator tab > Sender authorization. This functionality is available regardless of the paid plan.

Domain Authorization

Our system will generate a unique record that needs to be added to your domain’s DNS records. This will allow the authorized domain to sign emails with its DKIM key.

Important! In February 2021, we enabled the obligatory Sender authorization functionality for all newly created accounts. This means that each domain or single email address must be authorized before you begin sending messages through our servers. If you can access the “Individual DKIM” application in your SMTP accounts > Settings tab, your account is not using Sender authorization.

We recommend you learn our instructions on configuring Individual DKIM, or you can contact our Support Team to enable Sender authorization for your account.

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