Deep Linking

Deep links are unique URLs that direct users to the specified resource or section inside the mobile app or website.

Contrary to regular URLs that only lead to the main page, deep links allow users to avoid unnecessary navigating and redirect them specifically to the targeted area, for example, particular products, offers, articles or other app elements. This functionality improves user experience and makes your marketing plan more effective.

Important! To enable Deep links, you must first configure the Whitelabel (Individual link tracking) option.

Find out how to go through the configuration process correctly.

Deep Linking functionality is available in the EmailLabs panel in the SMTP Accounts tab > Settings > Deep linking.

Depending on the system, you must prepare the correct file (apple-app-site-association or assetlinks.json).

⬅️ A detailed description of how to configure Deep Links for Android and iOS can be found in the drop-down menu on the left.

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