'Headers' allows you to append additional parameters to your messages relayed to the receiving server. This added information helps the server to interpret the message as not spam properly and to qualify the type of email to the correct folder.

The Headers option will also allow you to specify the type of your sent emails, which, as a result, will aid providers such as Gmail or Yahoo in better understanding the character of the messages.

  1. Go to the SMTP Accounts tab > Settings > Headers.

  2. Select the “Turned on” option to activate the Headers application.

  3. Choose the type of your sent messages. There are three types available:

    • No type: the system will not add a "precedence" header in this case. It is an option for general emails.

    • Transaction 'list': this kind of email targets one recipient only and has a transactional type. Examples are registration confirmations or password reminder messages.

    • Marketing 'bulk': this email targets many recipients simultaneously; it can be a newsletter or other sales offer.

  4. Select the proper option based on the type of messages that you send from your account.

  5. Make sure to save the changes by clicking the “Create button”.

⬅️ Detailed instructions for each panel section under the 'Functionalities' tab can be found in the drop-down menu on the left.

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