Activity Report

The „Activity report” tab allows you to track the sent messages’ statuses accurately and filter email logs by a particular status. This functionality provides a way to precisely monitor what events occur during the sending process and what responses you receive from the recipient servers.

  1. After signing into your EmailLabs dashboard, find the left-hand menu.

  2. Choose the Reports tab > Activity Report

"Search" Section

In the „Search” section, you can explore the message logs based on different criteria.

  1. You can choose a specific time frame in which the messages were sent by selecting the dates in the “From” and “To” fields.

  2. Choose the event type to see messages that received a certain status.

  3. Enter the email’s identification number in the „Message-ID” field to look for a particular message.

Remember that the default status is always set to injected

"List" Section

In the “List” section, you can find the detailed records for the messages sent from a chosen subaccount.

The “List” view contains some essential columns:

  • Date: here, you can see when a message received its status.

  • Email: here, you can see your recipient’s email address.

  • Message ID: here, you can find the number by which your message can be identified.

  • Event: Message status.

  • Account: here, you will see which subaccount was used to send the message.

  • Actions: by clicking „More”, you gain access to the detailed message log.

How to put this into practice?

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