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Detailed Message Logs

You can access additional information about a particular email by clicking the „More” option in the „Actions” column.
  • Sent on: this is when your message was sent from our system.
  • From: this is the sender's email address.
  • Subject: this is the message’s subject.
  • State date: this is when the recipient server accepted or rejected the message.
  • Status: information about the final status that the message received.
  • Details: this is the additional information regarding the status received from the recipient server.
  • Tags: the list of tags attached to the message.
  • Opened on: here, it can be checked if the user opened the message and opening time.
  • Clicked on: here, it can be tracked if the URLs in the message content were opened and when they were clicked.
  • Click details: here, which URLs were opened and the time they were clicked is shown.
  • Size of message: this is the total message size, including attachments.
Remember that the message logs expire after a particular time (TTL) determined by a plan on which your account operates. You can find more details on our pricing list.
💵 Pricing
Check the available packages and their functionalities.
Find out how to download logs via API.
⬅️ Detailed instructions for each panel section under the 'Report' tab can be found in the drop-down menu on the left.