Export & Import

If you choose to upgrade your account to a PRO plan, you will have the possibility to export your Blacklist to a .csv file. We recommend often exporting the Blacklist and deleting inactive users from your contact base based on it.

  1. Choose the desired frame and subaccount and click “Save”.

  2. The exported file will be sent to you via email, but it can also be found on the Export list.

  3. To import a list of contacts into the Black list, choose the “Import” option and then upload a file in a .csv format; next, select the reason and click “Save”.

You can also download or upload addresses to the Blacklist using the API. This option is available to all EmailLabs users despite the used account plan. You can find more detailed instructions in our API documentation.

⬅️ Detailed instructions for each panel section under the 'Blacklist" tab can be found in the drop-down menu on the left.

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