"Search" Section

In the „Search” section, you can explore the Blacklist records based on different criteria.

The List view contains some essential columns:

  • Actions: here, you can find either the pencil icon (for editing) or the trashcan icon (for deleting) the record.

  • Number of bounce: the number of hardbounces the address must receive before being blocked.

  • Comment: more information about the reason for the address being blocked.

  • Email: the email address that was blacklisted.

  • Creation date: date and time when the address was added to the Blacklist.

  • Account: subaccount that was used to send the message.

  • Reason: here, you can find the reason for the address being blacklisted (e.g. getting a hardbounce status).

⬅️ Detailed instructions for each panel section under the 'Blacklist" tab can be found in the drop-down menu on the left.

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