A whitelist is a tool that guarantees that our servers will try to deliver messages to chosen recipients by eliminating the risk of their addresses being blocked by EmailLabs' internal Blacklist. This functionality benefits clients for whom delivering the message is the most important.

  1. You can find this functionality in the Reports tab > Blacklist.

  2. After clicking on the 'White List' button, two fields will appear to be filled in:

    • In the first field, enter the domain or email address you want to whitelist.

    • In the second field, enter why the address must be added to the Whitelist.

  3. Our Support Team has 48 hours to analyze your request and decide whether to accept or reject it. We will inform you of the decision via email to the account’s administrator.

In the panel, you can track the addresses and domains you requested to be whitelisted:

  • Email and domains in the queue for acceptance - the list of addresses waiting to be approved for the Whitelist.

  • List – accepted domains and email addresses.

Be aware that our Support Team may reject the addresses that:

  • Are added with spamming intentions.

  • Are in public providers’ domains.

  • Can’t be whitelisted for other legal reasons.

  • Are blacklisted with the „unsubscribe” reason.

⬅️ Detailed instructions for each panel section under the "Blacklist" tab can be found in the drop-down menu on the left.

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