Comparing Tags

The 'Comparison Tags' function allows you to select any tag and compare individual statuses. This function is extremely useful, especially during A/B testing, where you want to assess which version of a message performs better.

This is particularly important for marketing campaigns, and automation, where you can check the effects of that communication over time by tagging a particular type of message, such as an abandoned shopping cart. Similarly, for transactional emails, you can tag a particular message type. For example, select 'order confirmation' or 'invoices' and see how many messages have been delivered, opened, clicked or bounced

⬅️ Detailed instructions for each panel section under the 'Comparing Tags' tab can be found in the dropdown menu on the left.

You can find the described tags and message statuses in the following tabs:


Automatic tagging of a group of emails, i.e. labelling them with the appropriate labels.

Messages Status

Learn how to interpret messages that are essential for analytics.

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