Feedback Loop Report

The Feedback loop is a functionality offered by some email providers that allows their users to report concerns regarding received messages. EmailLabs receives feedback loop statuses from five ESPs: Yahoo, Microsoft, WP (including o2), and AOL, thus allowing you to monitor reports from these platforms.

Go to Reports Tab > Feedback Loop Report to find the graph showing the number of abuse reports we obtained from the email providers. The graph is divided between particular ESPs.

Straightforward information about abuses is available after signing into the EmailLabs panel in the Dashboard tab.

If you require more detailed data, use the logs in the Reports tab > Activity report. They allow you to check which messages were reported as abuse (they can be marked with a spam_complaint status). Remember that the email logs expire after a specific time (TTL), depending on the used account plan.

Be aware that additional configuration is needed if you are using an account with a personalized DKIM key (for example, configured by domain authorization) and want to track abuse reports from Yahoo. Find out how to proceed by reading this instruction.

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