Technology and Geolocation

'Technology and Geolocation' functionality allows you to track with which operating systems and where your messages were opened. This option will enable you to gain essential data regarding your clients’ preferences and adjust your email campaigns to achieve better results.

  1. Select period: Select the time frame you want to see the results. You can adjust the chosen time to see more detailed data analysis.

  2. Operating systems: Here, you can see which operating systems were used to open your messages the most often. Find out which OS dominates among your recipients: Windows, Android, or other systems.

  3. Browsers: This functionality will help you discover which browsers are being used by your recipients. This information lets you adjust your content to different browsers’ requirements.

  4. Poland geolocalization: See how many of your messages were opened, mainly Polish voivodeships. It will be helpful in understanding in which region there are the most active users.

  5. World geolocalization: This option allows you to check how many of your messages were opened in various places on Earth. It provides valuable information about your email campaigns’ popularity in different countries.

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