SMTP Integrations

SMTP Integration (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a process that enables various applications, systems, or programs to communicate to transmit email messages from one mail server to another.

SMTP Protocol offers many benefits and capabilities related to efficient email message delivery and improved deliverability.

Before proceeding with the server integration process, ensure you have authorized the domain in the EmailLabs panel. To do this, go to the Panel > Administrator > Sender Authorization section. Here, you will confirm sender credentials essential for adequately functioning the delivery process.

More information about Sender Authorization can be found here:

👩‍💻 Sender Authorization

You can authenticate an entire domain or individual email addresses.

If you haven't found dedicated instructions for our software, we recommend using the general description we've provided below. Alternatively, contact our Customer Service team at for assistance.

To configure email message sending with EmailLabs, the following data needs to be assigned to the outgoing mail server settings in your system:

  • Server Name:

  • Username: Enter your SMTP account name in EmailLabs in the format 1.panelname.smtp

  • Password: To create a password, go to the EmailLabs Panel, then select: EmailLabs Panel > SMTP Accounts > Active accounts > Change Password

  • Encryption:

    • Option 1: TLS/STARTTLS; ports: 587, 2525, 25

    • Option 2: SSL; port: 465

Important notes:

  1. After updating integration data, please wait up to 10 minutes for the changes to propagate correctly in the system.

  2. In case of delivery issues despite correctly filled-in data, try changing the port and/or encryption type to match your system's requirements. If you encounter integration issues with your system, contact us at

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