Integration Steps

  1. Sign in to your IdoSell dashboard.

  2. From the main settings menu, choose „ADMINISTRACJA” > „Konfiguracja kont email i SMS”.

  3. In the „Konfiguracja kont email i SMS” menu, find the domain you want to configure SMTP settings for and click the “wybierz” option right next to it.

  4. Next, choose the "Dodaj nowe konto email" option.

  5. Proceed to fill in the following fields:

    • Nazwa nadawcy: enter your sender’s name.

    • Email nadawcy: enter the from email address that will be used to send your messages.

    • Typ konta: choose the "wysyłane z innego serwera pocztowego po protokole SMTP" option.

    • Adres serwera SMTP: enter the SMTP host address provided by EmailLabs

    • Port: enter one of the suggested SMTP ports – 587 or 465.

    • Połączenie szyfrowane: select "STARTTLS" with port 587 or "SSL" with port 465.

    • Login: enter your SMTP account name in this particular format: 1.youraccountname.smtp

    • Hasło: use the password you set in the SMTP accounts tab > Active accounts > Actions > Change password.

    • After entering all the credentials, click the „Dodaj” button to approve the new settings.

When the new email account with an external SMTP server is configured, your IdoSell panel is ready to use to send messages.

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