Easy WordPress SMTP Plug-in

  1. Sign into your WordPress dashboard.

  2. Go to the „Plug-in” menu and select “Add new”.

  3. Search for „Easy WordPress SMTP” and install the plug-in offered by WP SMTP.

  4. Activate the plug-in after the installation.

  5. After installing and activating the plug-in, go to the “Settings” menu and select “Easy WP SMTP”.

  6. Proceed to fill in the following fields:

    • From Email Address: enter the from email address that will be used to send your messages.

    • From Name: enter your sender’s name.

    • SMTP Host: enter the SMTP host address provided by EmailLabs: smtp.emaillabs.net.pl

    • Type of Encryption: select "TLS" or “None” according to your preferences.

    • SMTP Port: we suggest using port “587”.

    • SMTP Authentication: Select "Yes".

    • SMTP Username: enter your SMTP account name in this particular format: 1.youraccountname.smtp.

    • SMTP Password: use the password you set in the SMTP accounts tab > Active accounts > Actions > Change password.

  7. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button in the left bottom corner of the page to approve the new settings.

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