Article for EmailLabs users who have a personalised DKIM

How to configure Yahoo Feedback Loop service
1) If you do not own a Yahoo account it is necessary to create one
2) Go to:
3) Next proceed to fill in new CFL application
4) Fill in the form using following data:
a) Reporting Email – Address to which reports will be sent –
b) Selector – DKIM key selector
c) Domain – Domain saved in DKIM key as D
d) Contact Email – E-mail address, to which Yahoo can send information regarding the service

You must have an access to postmaster@yourdomain, because registration and every settings change requires a confirmation that is send to this address

5) Once the form is filled in it is required to enter a verification code, sent to postmaster@yourdomain address
6) After the code is entered service will be activated. It usually take a little time

In order to be sure of entered data check, in EmailLabs panel, how your DKIM is configured.

Feedback loops registration in practice

I – EmailLabs key

In this case write “emaillabs” in Selector field, Domain field however must be filled in according to chosen preferences.

Illustration 1.1

If you send messages from multiple domains and ticked option “a” (il. 1.1), you must fill in a form on Yahoo website, as many time as many send out domains you own, entering a different domain in Domain filed every time.

Illustration 1.2

If you ticked option “b” (il. 1.2) and entered your domain than enter it also in a form on Yahoo’s website.

Zrzut ekranu z 2017-02-16 15-29-55

Illustration 1.3

II – Individual DKIM key

In this case it is necessary to check selector and domain, which were set during the process of adding DKIM key.

Illustration 1.4

Afterwards exactly the same selector and domain must be entered in the form.

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Illustration 1.5


If you need help in Feedback Loop service configuration contact our customer service by sending a message to: