In the panel you will find information on all users assigned to a sub-account and account. You can edit their settings and assign eligibility.


Pozwala wyszukać użytkownika wg poniższych parametrów:

From/to Enter period during which the searched user account was created
Enter a phrase from a searched name Enter a phrase, that will help you find a user


Given account’s users list.

Login User’s login
E-mail address User’s e-mail address
Name and Surname User’s name and surname
Creation time Date of user’s account creation
Actions Allows you to edit user’s data
After you click “Actions” new window will pop up, in which first name, last name, password, e-mail address can be changed, as well as:

Is login allowed? – possibility to block login for a given user

Roles – Choose given user’s role


Administrator – User is granted full access to all features available in Analytical Panel, Administrator bookmark included.

Once Administrator option is unticked, new options appear: Access to blacklist, Access to settlements and VPS Management

Access to blacklist – tick that option when you want the user to have access to blacklist.

Access to settlements – tick this option when you want the user to have access to settlements.

VPS Management – tick this option when you want the user to be selectively authorised to manage respective SMTP accounts in EmailLabs service. This feature enables blocking access to selected features and SMTP accounts.

VPS Management

When you click VPS Management option a list of SMTP accounts and authorisation level options for each account will appear. There are three levels:

None – User has no access to a given SMTP account. User will not have access to Dashboard, Reports, Administrator’s options and SMTP accounts.

Read – User will have access to look over Dashboard and Reports. However possibility to change SMTP settings and access to Administrator’s options will be blocked.

Write – User will have access to all features of EmailLabs Panel, with exclusion of Administrator’s options.