What are tags?

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How to add tags?

For the application to start messages tagging a rule must be added after which application must be turned on by ticking “Turned on” box: Dashboard → SMTP account → Settings → Tags

How to add a new rule?

Choose a way for messages tagging: Rule for: “” or “

In case of rule for “From field” tags will be added to messages based on sender’s e-mail address. In case of “Subject field” messages will be tagged based on e-mail’s subject.

Fill in “Search phrase” field.

For “From field” an e-mail address must be given, in case of “Subject field” a phrase must be given e.g. “Invitation to friends list*”.

Use of ‘*’ character will result in tagging of all messages with phrase “Invitation to friends list” and everything that in located after it. If ‘*’ character is not added to the phrase, application will add tags only to the e-mail messages which title says “Invitation to friends list”.

‘*’ character can be only used in reference to message subject.

Fill in “Tag” field and click “Add rule”

Rules can be added when an application is turned off. In order to turn on the application tick “Turned on” box and then click “Save” button.