How can I change SMTP password?

In order to change SMTP integration password you have to pick “Active accounts” in “SMTP accounts” bookmark and click on pencil icon located in “actions” column (SMTP accounts -> Active accounts -> pencil icon in actions column).

Why is it worth using a cloud based SMTP?

A cloud based SMTP scales up to meet your needs. In case the number of messages you send would grow, you would not have to set up new servers – the infrastructure will adapt to your needs. You will save time and money – the costs of setting up and maintaining the infrastructure are not yours to bear. Moreover you will not have to employ specialists, who would be monitoring e-mail traffic. You will gain certainty, that your data in kept safe – EmailLabs infrastructure is located in a modern data centre – Beyond, which meets all data keeping and processing safety requirements.

I have an e-commerce platform that automatically generates e-mail messages. Do I need EmailLabs?

In the majority of e-commerce systems e-mail messages are send from a shared IP address. It can have a negative effect on send out speed, as well as on deliverability. VPS users can also encounter problems with deliverability and send out speed, as traditional SMTP can have problems with managing big e-mail volumes. After an integration with EmailLabs, your messages will be send from a professional server adjusted for fast and effective send out. In addition a user receives access to an analytical panel, thanks to which it is possible to examine what is happening with messages sent from user’s shop platform. Integration process takes only 5 minutes and the manner of message generation and e-commerce platform management does not change at all.

How to configure SPF after an integration with EmailLabs?

EmailLabs sets up SPF record automatically and there is no option of turning it off. We recommend adding a relevant entry in TXT record in DNS.

In order to correctly configure SPF you have to add the following entry in TXT record in DNS:

Do I need a dedicated IP address?

Thanks to a dedicated IP address you independently take care of your reputation and do not have to worry about other users’ influence on your deliverability. Moreover thank to a dedicated IP you can benefit from a number of additional features, such as: personalised DKIM and DMARC.

I would like to send both marketing and transactional messages. Is it possible to do with EmailLabs?

Yes, both types of messages can be send via EmailLabs. In such cases we recommend separation of transactional and marketing traffic. Thanks to this type of configuration you will avoid queuing of transactional messaged during newsletter send outs. Traffic separation is possible by setting up 2 separate SMTP accounts. In order to create such configuration contact our customer service.

All EmailLabs clients are recommended to use a dedicated IP address.

How long does EmailLabs keep detailed activity logs?

The period of keeping detailed activity logs of each message in EmailLabs is depended on the purchased plan:
– FREEMIUM – 7 days

There is a possibility to extend period even further. In order to learn about the offer please contact your account manager.

Can I create multiple user accounts with separate logins and passwords?

Yes, EmailLabs gives a possibility to create multiple user accounts with separate logins and passwords. Additionally an admin can also assign relevant entitlements to each user. For instance we can give our users an access to statistics, but block them form application settings.


Multiple user accounts management option is available in PRO Plan.

Is there a possibility for all my messages to reach main inbox instead of e.g. offers bookmark?

Nobody is able to guarantee that messages will always reach main inbox. Adding appropriate headers influences message’s placement in receiver’s inbox, however again does not guarantee reaching the main inbox. By adding “list” header we mark a message as transactional, which should be placed in the main inbox. In case of marketing send out a “bulk” header should be used instead of “list” – this will protect our marketing content form being placed in a spam folder. Instead, in the worst case scenario, it should reach „offers” or “other” bookmarks.


„Precendence” headers are currently only supported by Gmail.

Is there a possibility to export a blacklist?

Yes, however a client with FREEMIUM plan can only do this through API. More information on that can be found here. Clients with BASIC plan or higher can export a blacklist directly from EmailLabs panel.

What is a plan’s period of notice?

Paid plans are activated for an undefined time. At any given time client can resign from additional features. Then a relevant notification needs to be sent to There is a one month notice period with effect at the end of next calendar month after a month, during which the notice of termination was filed in.

What is the purchasing procedure like?

In the beginning each account has a FREEMIUM plan assigned to it. When a need for a higher plan arises it is necessary to contact an account manager. After the submission is noted down customer service contacts the client in order to obtain required information and determine needs. Then a paid account with additional features is activated. Detailed policy and price lists can be found here.

How can I quickly check whether a client received, but did not open an e-mail? Example: I am sending a message to 50 people, I can see an “OK” status in the system, which means 50 people received the message. However I can also see that „open” status is only assigned to 16 addresses. How can I list the remaining 34 addresses?

„Activity reports” bookmark serves exactly that purpose. All sent messages’ logs are kept there. A relevant status needs to be set in the search engine, which will trigger a display of list of addresses that for example received track status. However please remeber that activity logs are kept in our system for 7 (FREEMIUM plan) or 15 (all higher tier plans) days. After that time the logs are deleted from our system. In order to extend this period it is necessary to download data through API and conduct status analysis on the side of your system. We invite you to examine our documentation.